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Fug Girls: Little Boots Bears Uncanny Resemblance to Pre-Crazy Britney

From left: Little Boots, Poppy Delevigne, and Alison Brie — all looking suitably captivated.

“Fashion is my love today,” we heard Mad Men star Alison Brie confess at DKNY. Not a bad choice of Valentine, we must admit: Fashion may not bring you flowers, but it also very rarely dumps you or forgets your birthday. Brie was all dressed up for romance, too, looking adorable in a sequined mini and a leather jacket, if perhaps a bit chilled with bare legs.

Next to Alison in the front row was Brit singer Little Boots, also rocking the sequins, although she paired hers with mega-eyeliner and extreme bedhead. She caused a huge photographer frenzy when she arrived, perhaps because she bears a bizarre and previously unnoticed resemblance to pre-crazy Britney Spears.

We also spied this week’s photog-fave, Nickelodeon star Keke Palmer. We don’t know who’s doing Keke’s PR, but she or he is a genius, because Keke landed right next to the Vogue contingent, and, by all appearances, she charmed the high-end denim right off them. Every time we looked up, Keke was exclaiming over an outfit to another cheery looking Vogue-ette (she seemed particularly enamored of a sequined mini-jumper). We expect to see her Teen Vogue cover any day now, and she will certainly have earned it.

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Fug Girls: Little Boots Bears Uncanny Resemblance to Pre-Crazy Britney