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Fug Girls: Hervé Léger Attracts Rows of Beautiful Women

As always, the Hervé Léger show was packed with pretty young things wearing skin-tight bandage dresses. Those things are pretty unforgiving, so we were impressed to see Jessica Szohr sharing a box of chocolates with a newly brunette Melissa George — in the front row, and therefore in view of the whole world. Three cheers for publicly consuming solid food! We were also relieved to see that Szohr’s usually ratty-looking extensions actually looked quite nicely groomed.

Also well groomed: One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush, who arrived in a very sparkly frock, leading her boyfriend (and co-star) Austin Nichols by the hand. “She looks great,” we overheard him say to a reporter, and we’re inclined to agree, although we feel less sure about his suspenders. Sophia got the best spot in celebrity row — right smack in the middle — and she certainly has earned it, as she’s been to every Hervé Léger show ever, and a few of Max Azria’s others to boot. Sophia was flanked by Mad Men’s Alison Brie — who went to nearly each show that occurred today, and yet never looked anything but perky and chipper — and the very beautiful-in-person Maggie Q, whom you may remember as being beautiful-on-screen in Mission Impossible III. We also spied Tinsley Mortimer, looking petite in a hot-pink bandage dress; the ubiquitous Leigh Lezark; the lovely Maggie Rizer; and actress Alexis Dziena, whom the reporters largely ignored, perhaps because they didn’t want to have to talk about how terrible her movie When in Rome probably is.

We also spotted, on the way out of the show, Whitney’s sudden friend Samantha from The City. We didn’t notice her earlier because, as she complained very loudly, she was given fifth-row seats because the invites were sent to her in her capacity as a Bergdorf employee, instead of her capacity as a semi-minor character on an MTV reality show. Samantha also complained — at similarly high volume — about being expected to make an appearance elsewhere later, loudly announced she needed a drink (it was 3:45 p.m.), and bitched about a person she’d spoken to earlier who then went and tweeted their entire conversation. One would think that a woman who was so peevish that her “celebrity” status was overlooked when on the topic of her seating assignments would be flattered that her thoughts were considered tweet-worthy, but goodness knows, Fashion Week is full of contradictions.

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Fug Girls: Hervé Léger Attracts Rows of Beautiful Women