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Fug Girls: Jeff Beck Is a Narciso Fan. Who Knew?

Just before Tuesday night’s Narciso Rodriguez show began, we experienced an amusing role reversal. Often, the photographers snap pictures first and ask the reporters questions later — things like, “Who is that, again?” and, “Why do we care about her?” and, “Does she do anything?” (Often those are hard to answer in fifteen seconds or less.) But tonight, it was our turn to scratch our heads and beg for help: A shaggy-haired rocker type came in toward a front-row seat, and none of the reporters could decide who it was. A Ramone? Perhaps Ric Ocasek? “It’s Jeff Beck,” said a thrilled photographer (the same guy, we think, for whom we I.D.-ed several Hills cast members the other day). In fact, all of the guys with the cameras were completely stoked to see him. Turns out all you need to turn a bunch of burly dudes with cameras into fanboys is a rock guitarist in sunglasses and a scarf.

Beck was joined in the front row by his polar opposite: bright-eyed, gleaming, dressed-to-the-nines Kelly Rutherford, sporting the kind of simple, pretty bun favored by her alter ego Lily van der Woodsen, usually when she’s keeping secrets. At least two fans stopped her for photographs, both of which she agreed to happily. It just goes to show that no matter how many times Us Weekly makes your divorce look crazier than Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s, if you are nice to your fans, they will love you no matter what. Anna Wintour was also beset with admirers; we’re pretty sure we saw the tail end of her signing an autograph for someone, and a girl excitedly sat down next to her for a picture, which Anna acquiesced to with a wide smile.

Indeed, we wonder if they’re piping mood stimulants in through the air vents — this season we’ve seen a lot more celebrities in good humor than in bad. Tory Burch has her big presentation first thing Wednesday morning, yet she popped over to the tents on Tuesday night to take in Narciso, and looked as calm and composed as we’ve ever seen her. Were we in her shoes — and we’d like to be, because her shoes are often very cute — we’d be in dire need of sleep and a shower, and probably stress eating our way through a can of Cheez Balls. So we guess we will leave the designing to the professionals and find another excuse to stress eat our way through a can of Cheez Balls.

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Fug Girls: Jeff Beck Is a Narciso Fan. Who Knew?