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Fug Girls: Kelly Osbourne Does Her Best Fred Flintstone

If you’ve been wondering whether the early nineties are coming back or not, Jeremy Scott has the answer: yes. Listen, Michael Stipe was sitting front row and the soundtrack to the show included C+C Music Factory (to which literally everyone in the venue started seat-dancing, as if pre-planned). If that doesn’t take you back to the days of cone bras and safe-sex PSAs, then maybe the fact that Scott showed a cone bra and gave away designer Proper Attire condoms will. (He also put water in the gift bags, in case all your hot sex dehydrated you. Very thoughtful, no?)

You would have had to be a zombie not to enjoy the show. Even the celebrities seemed to be having fun. Kelly Osbourne — wearing a giant bow and what looked like the dress version of Fred Flintstone’s iconic duds — spent the whole time pointing delightedly at a variety of looks and snapping pictures. She seemed particularly entertained by a little black dress that had “Little Black Dress” written across the back, and was seriously amused by the models whom Scott sent down the runway wearing black catsuits with nearly life-size cardboard cutouts of women strapped to them. Also totally tickled by that development: Pat Field, who gave Scott a standing ovation, and who was not dressed like a witch cowboy today.

Just down the front row from Kelly was Estelle, who seemed really into the soundtrack, and had to be stoked to be wearing the cute leather jacket she had on. We also spied Santigold, happily posing for pics with Kelly — who really made the rounds today — and Irina Lazareanu, wearing a sequined top paired with beat-up jeans, and looking a bit tired, perhaps, but cheerful. And after witnessing the front-row antics of such shiny happy people — not to mention a little stealth seat-dancing of our own — it was hard not to leave in a good mood. Now, if we could just get our hands on a cone bra …

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Fug Girls: Kelly Osbourne Does Her Best Fred Flintstone