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Fug Girls: Reality Stars Love Badgley — or Is It That Badgley Loves Reality Stars?

Badgley Mischka’s cup runneth over with reality-television stars Tuesday morning. We spotted nearly the entire cast of The City — and, we believe, one of their film crews. Joe Zee, in addition to his duties as Elle’s creative director, was drafted to act as the human shield between Erin Kaplan — whose hair looked particularly cute this morning, which is notable considering the snow — and her archrival, Olivia Palermo. We did not see them speak, if you’re keeping score. But Olivia did arrive very late, and right before the show started she scurried out of her seat, ran toward the photo pit, and made sure someone got a shot of her. We guess that’s the self-promoting spirit that got her on TV in the first place.

Across the runway sat Erin Lucas and Bergdorf’s Samantha, neither of whom garnered too much media attention, thus proving that there may, in fact, be a God. When Erin emerged from backstage, a reporter turned to us and asked who she was. “She used to be on The City,” we said. The reporter rolled her eyes. “That’s TOTALLY BORING,” she sniffed. We can’t disagree. But not everyone from The City made their call time:

Roxy Olin’s empty front-row seat was eventually given away … to stylist Robert Verdi. We are hoping that was a seating error and not a case of Verdi needing Roxy’s sloppy seconds, because he’s had a job for years, and she’s had one for ten seconds and we aren’t even sure what it is beyond giving Whitney really awful advice in a loud voice.

We also spotted Real HousewivesBethenny Frankel — whose baby bump was well concealed under a ruffly jacket — and HER archrival and fellow nude-poser (and poseur), Kelly Bensimon. Kelly was chatting to a Fox News crew and others about how great the people-watching is at Fashion Week — she is absolutely correct there — and about her just-released Playboy spread, which ex-hubby Gilles shot last September. “Instead of doing a colonic and fasting and stuff, I tried to eat well,” she said of preparing for the shoot. “I’m from the Midwest, I have Midwestern values. And Midwestern food values.” Presumably that just means she’s not afraid to chew.

Considering the show’s wealth of reality-show personalities, it was refreshing to see actual actors in attendance as well. AnnaLynne McCord from 90210 was the last celeb to emerge from backstage, in a short tight black strapless number whose hook-and-eye closure was leaving a red mark on her back. Conversely, Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks was among the first out, with her mother by her side, sitting calmly in her seat and answering questions as if it were her absolute pleasure to do it. We heard her telling someone that although this is her first official show, she feels that she’s learned a lot about fashion from Mad Men — the set of which she said is convivial and involves them all hanging out together instead of in their trailers. Good to know; lucky we aren’t actors on that show, because it’s probably very hard to pray to a candlelit shrine to Jon Hamm and John Slattery if one is never actually in front of it.

Note: Despite what you may have read elsewhere, Hendricks is not “big.” She looks completely normal to us, if by “normal” you mean, “super hot.” Her skin is gorgeous, her features are rather delicate, and she seems downright petite. Even the famous bosom, which was on display in a lace shirt, looks totally manageable despite some people acting like it is large enough to require its own subway line. We thought all that talk was nonsense before, but seeing her in person, it’s even stupider. She’s not beautiful on different terms; she’s beautiful, period. Deal with it, America.

Fug Girls: Reality Stars Love Badgley — or Is It That Badgley Loves Reality Stars?