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Fug Girls: Someone’s Not Flacking AnnaLynne McCord Hard Enough

AnnaLynne McCord might need a new PR rep. At the Max Azria show Tuesday afternoon, three separate people asked us who she was, and two of them seemed skeptical when we informed them that she was on 90210. We swear it’s true! We’d never lie about the CW.

At least AnnaLynne looked cute, in a brown turtleneck and bouffant ponytail. The ponytail was the hairstyle du jour, sported both by the show’s models and by AnnaLynne’s seatmate, Melissa George, who paired her slicker variation with white pants and a completely to-die-for mushroom-colored jacket with adorable back pleating. Melissa seemed in high spirits, even doing a little dance to the music before taking her seat. We’ve noticed her doing that a lot. Maybe it’s a nervous tic. In that regard, spontaneous dancing will serve her a lot better in that regard than, say, slapping people, or eating paper.

Melissa was flanked on her other side by singer Estelle, who was working a canary-yellow top that we wish she’d paired with something other than leggings — but you can’t have everything. We also spotted Maggie Q, who wasn’t able to get to her seat for several minutes because it was occupied by a reporter talking to McCord. She handled it very graciously — something many celebrities would be unable to do — and just laughed to Maggie Rizer, “I’ll just stand awkwardly in front of you for a while.”

Rest assured, Maggie eventually took her seat, a few spots over from Olympic gold medalist and beach volleyball superstar Kerri Walsh, whose skin is fantastic, especially considering her line of work. If we spent as much time in the sun as she does, we’d look like volleyballs ourselves. Max Azria does love himself some hot decorated athletes — remember Nastia Liukin? — and it was a pleasure to see a fresh face. We just had one note: If you have a body like Kerri’s, don’t hide it under a blousy tunic like she did. We know she works it pretty much for a living, but there’s lots of room between “sports bikini” and “Dorothy Zbornak goes on a date.” Maybe that’s why she’s at a fashion show.

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Fug Girls: Someone’s Not Flacking AnnaLynne McCord Hard Enough