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Fug Girls: Teen Dreams Fulfilled at Calvin Klein Menswear

The scene at Calvin Klein’s menswear show on Sunday was the type of thing that makes teen girls reach for their diaries and stain them with happy tears. The first person there was Twilight’s Kellan Lutz, who is also a newly minted underwear model for the brand, but whose now-famous man panties were sheathed by a very suave suit. He confessed that he’s trying to watch as much of the Winter Olympics as he can, in between fashion shows and … you know, having great abs. Which is incredibly time-consuming, we imagine, as we are too busy even to maintain our perfect quarter-pack.

As Extra got its Lutz on, down the way E! was grilling Chace Crawford on really important things like whether he wears boxers or briefs. He seemed to say “briefs,” in case that’s vital to anyone’s sanity. We also believe we overheard him saying, in response to a question about whether any women in his life have an influence on what he wears, “I’ve kind of stopped letting my mom do that.” Good move, Chace. Ladies love a man who loves his mom, but not a man who still has a mommy.

Then the crowd parted and we spied True Blood’s Mehcad Brooks, who is not only the tallest and most savory drink of water in the entire city right now, but who laughed easily and chatted comfortably with every interviewer, to the point that we saw actual, tangible charm molecules leaking out of his pores. Brooks is also appearing in Calvin Klein ads right now, and his answer to the boxer-or-briefs debate was, “My dad gave me a piece of advice: always choose the boxers.” Can’t imagine why — the briefs are doing him quite a few favors in those ads. He also explained that his secret to being in great shape is “a strict pizza regimen, maybe a few hot dogs.” Ours too! Let’s work out together, Mehcad.

While the new-era heartthrobs held court, an old-school one, Jared Leto, slipped in sporting the gelled-up greaser bouffant he has favored of late. Ryan Phillippe and Lee Pace — as sexy if not more so than the lot of them — sat totally ignored. The frenzy for Crawford and Lutz raged in front of them as they sat unmolested, and Phillippe and Pace turned to each other, shrugged, and broke out laughing. We were going to sneak up to Pace and tell him how much we miss Pushing Daisies, but by the time we made it over there, Phillippe had slid down the row so the two could talk without using hand signals. Far be it from us to interrupt a love connection on Valentine’s Day, even if it is only a platonic one. We’ll just cry about it in our diaries later.

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Fug Girls: Teen Dreams Fulfilled at Calvin Klein Menswear