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Fug Girls: Veronica Webb Does Sign Language, Gives Us Warm Fuzzies

Isaac Mizrahi’s show Thursday morning in the Tents was, as usual, a real Bravo-fest: We spotted the always-chipper Andy Cohen enthusiastically hugging Fern Mallis before taking his front-row seat next to Isaac’s bestie, Veronica Webb. We hope they had a super-awkward discussion about how Veronica got unceremoniously fired from a short-lived Bravo show (Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style — or, as we called it, The Tim Gunn Is Awesome, But Veronica Webb Keeps Asking to See People’s Underwear and That Makes Us Uncomfortable, Show), before then talking about how Isaac’s Bravo program, The Fashion Show, was likewise axed, despite the fact that Isaac himself was super-charming on it. We’re sure that picking all those old scabs would’ve made for a fun morning for the both of them. Rounding out the Bravo contingent was LuAnn de Lesseps — you may know her as “the Countess” — wearing a truly crazy fringed cape with a giant fur collar. She looked like she had time-traveled here from 1990, where her twenty-years-ago self had been en route to a Dances With Wolves party.

On the other side of Veronica sat Russell Simmons, who was sporting bracelets of his own design and talked to reporters about everything from social responsibility to the end of the Tents to the fact that he’s starting his own virtual bank. Wait, what? But it’s true: Apparently Russell has deep thoughts about how people should be able to deal with money in these trying times. “Do you think you’re the only person in this group thinking about check cashing right now?” the reporter asked. Russell looked around him. “Maybe. Maybe not! Veronica cares,” he said, pointing to Webb, who studiously stared in the other direction and did the visual equivalent of, “La la la, I can’t hear you.”

We also spotted former America’s Next Top Model runner-up (and current actress) Yaya DaCosta, who looked depressingly lovely in a striped blouse and miniskirt. We say “depressing” because it’s way more fun to hate someone who used to wear T-shirts with the Portuguese word for “respect” printed across the chest and who would point to it as a way of lecturing other models. Still, it’s always nice to see a Top Model at a runway show, even if she isn’t walking in it. Sure beats seeing her working behind the counter at Walgreens.

Finally, at the end of the show, we saw Webb giving an interview to a woman who translated the entire thing into sign language. At the end, once the cameras switched off, Webb signed her gratitude for the opportunity and then a pleasant farewell to the obviously delighted reporter. It was a really sweet moment that ignited a warm, fuzzy feeling in our souls. How inconvenient. Hopefully our last bagel of Fashion Week will fix that immediately.

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Fug Girls: Veronica Webb Does Sign Language, Gives Us Warm Fuzzies