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Fug Girls: Victoria Beckham, Be Our Valentine

It happened at the end of Sunday’s presentation: Victoria Beckham, bidding farewell to her guests, came to us. We put out our hand … and got an air kiss instead. If we could fire up a DeLorean and tell our college selves that on February 14, 2010, POSH SPICE would be our Valentine, College Us most likely would’ve thrown a drink in our faces, called us liars, and then cranked up “Wannabe” on the stereo. But don’t be jealous, David — Victoria mentioned a few times that you and the kids are her real passions. Just be sure to keep a ring on it, or else we might have to propose.

Victoria, to our giddy delight, decided again to do an in-the-round presentation of her eponymous line’s new collection. The combination of the intimacy (it was about 20–30 people), the grand Upper East Side room, and the plate of tiny macarons lent the event the feel of an appropriately posh salon. Carine Roitfeld sat to Victoria’s left, and Nina Garcia (who arrived so late she almost missed it) stood on ours; throw in Karl Lagerfeld, Stephen Colbert, and the ghost of Estelle Getty, and you’ve got the answer to that old chestnut about which living-or-dead people you’d want to invite to dinner.

David and the boys, whom Victoria lamented weren’t in town (our eyeballs share that sorrow), missed a fun show. Victoria — looking fantastic in one of her short, black fall 2010 designs and shoes so tall she was en pointe — narrated the presentation as she did last season, which is such a good idea. The show-and-tell of her inspirations helped make them relatable and clear to us, and proved she is no mere figurehead. She also spoke frankly about her skills as a designer being an ever-evolving thing, frequently noting things like, “I’m really enjoying learning about draping this season,” and flashed a bit of sweet humor — as when a model popped out in round shades and Victoria explained with a grin that she loves using the shades as part of the styling because “it looks a bit nerdy.” It’s no secret that we love Posh — she, clearly, is one of the few people who can make us a tad starstruck — but we remain especially taken with her because of how impressive she is in person. She both takes this very seriously and isn’t afraid to address the ways in which she is still growing with it. There’s no bluster with her. In five minutes we might make her a construction-paper heart and glue it to a doily.

After she finished and people trickled out, Victoria seemed visibly relieved. “I haven’t slept in … I don’t even know,” she admitted. We assured her that she made it look easy. “Really?!?” she gaped. Then we complimented her on the rusty red she employed for three dresses. “Actually, that color would look great on you,” she said, like a smart salesman should. “Maybe you should get one!” If only. But hey, even though we may not have his clothing budget, we did get the one thing David won’t: a kiss (sort of) from his wife on Valentine’s Day. We’ll take it.

Watch a slideshow of the complete Victoria Beckham collection.

Fug Girls: Victoria Beckham, Be Our Valentine