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Fugs at Khan: Marveling at Shields’s Calm, Admiring Shetty’s Cool

Brooke Shields seriously stressed out some photographers at Naeem Khan on Thursday night when it seemed as if she might sit down without posting. After a five-minute chorus of “Don’t sit down, Brooke! Please don’t sit down!” the tall and dreamy Shields, wearing a black sequined number, turned with a laugh and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to sit down!” before making sure each photog got a picture. We’re not sure how she stays so calm in the face of a storm: Even her aura is relaxing. Perhaps this is what comes from the secure knowledge that your eyebrows have already secured your legacy.

Down the way, Anika Noni Rose (The Princess and the Frog) sneaked into her front-row seat right under our noses. Had we noticed her sooner, we might not have been able to resist asking her to walk down memory lane, straight past boring old Dreamgirls and right to that cherished classic From Justin to Kelly. Although maybe she has blocked that experience out. We might have, too, if we’d been forced to watch Kelly Clarkson dance in a skirt made of ties.

Next to Rose sat Reshma Shetty from TV’s Royal Pains. Shetty is stunning in person, and just recently jetted to New York from Vancouver, where she was at the Olympics. “I was at the Opening Ceremonies, I saw a good chunk of the figure skating … It was awesome,” she gushed. Fashion and sports fandom all in one week? Sounds like our kind of girl. Maybe she’d like to come over for movie night. From Justin to Kelly might be right up her alley.

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Fugs at Khan: Marveling at Shields’s Calm, Admiring Shetty’s Cool