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Gisele Wore ‘Almost the Same Clothes’ When She Was Pregnant

Woe are our nation’s tabloids, for Gisele is giving all her postpartum exclusives to Brazilian publications. Here you see a shot from Gisele’s campaign for Brazilian label Colcci — shot by David Sims just six and a half weeks after she gave birth in her bathtub in Boston to baby Benjamin — that ran in Brazilian magazine Veja. She looks a little paler than usual, but alas, this is what Boston does to people in the winter.

A poster on the Fashion Spot kindly translated an interview she did with Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo. As seemed evident during her pregnancy, she reveals she didn’t gain much weight.

I kept myself in good shape throughout the pregnancy, feeding on a healthy, meditating and doing exercises such as yoga and kung-fu. I gained a little, but I kept using almost the same clothes, with minor adjustments to close in the belly.

Like she’d shop at Motherhood Maternity. She probably popped open the top button on her size 25 Sevens and called it a day.

She adds that she did not kill herself with exercise leading up to her campaign shoot.

I have not had time to return to exercise. In the first months it’s all about the baby. But little by little I recovered the form. I help that not have gained much, have had natural childbirth and breastfeeding.

She adds she is in a “very happy place,” wants more babies, and is overwhelmed by the “magical experience” that is motherhood — without weight gain! However, there are downsides:

I have not slept much. In these first months, the baby usually nurses every two hours or three hours.It is quite tiring, but it is such a special moment, I’m enjoying the most. I have dedicated my time entirely to him. At the moment I have no nanny, but my mother stayed with me since before the birth of Benjamin. I could not ask God for better support than this.

A natural childbirth, no cellulite, no under-eye circles or bags, almost no weight gain, no exercise post-birth. She’s right — she is blessed. In a freakish, almost disturbing way.

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Gisele Wore ‘Almost the Same Clothes’ When She Was Pregnant