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Italian Vogue Launches Vogue Black and Vogue Curvy

Italian Vogue just relaunched its website with some help from a small team in New York. And everything is available in English! (Except the text linking to jumps in blog posts, which reads “continua” but adds fun foreign flavor.) The sections within the site are interesting: Vogue Black, Vogue Curvy, and Vogue Talents. Because these things must be examined on their own, apparently.

Vogue Black appears to be devoted to black talent in fashion. Today’s top story is a video interview with Tyra Banks — in English. Tyra appeared in Italian Vogue’s all-black issue. On Vogue Black she talks about how her run as a talk-show host is coming to an end, and reminisces about some of her most brilliant journalistic moments. Such as the time Hillary Clinton stopped by.

“I asked Hillary Clinton how she feels about herself when she looks in the mirror, like, when her clothes are off and when she looks in the mirror. And everyone’s saying, ‘Oh my god I can’t believe you asked her that. oh my God.’ But I felt so comfortable with her, I felt like she was just a girlfriend at home, so I asked her those questions. I didn’t know I was pushing the envelope by asking her things like that.”

Moving on: Vogue Curvy is devoted to … women with figures. That section leads with a video interview with Crystal Renn, who talks about how amazing life became when she decided to stop starving herself and eat salad with salmon and walnuts on it. (Since when is salmon a skinny person no-no? Modeling must be rough.)

Lastly, Vogue Talents seems to be all about up-and-coming fashion talents. However, it currently leads with a story on Rodarte, a label that is hardly up-and-coming at this point.

We were reasonably amused perusing Italian Vogue’s new Internet collective, but why must curvy women, women of color, and burgeoning design talent be viewed in separate channels? Is it not possible to have a fashion magazine that embraces women of all sizes and colors who wear young and established labels? Italian Vogue seems to think not.

Vogue Black [Official site]
Vogue Curvy [Official site]
Vogue Talents [Official site]

Italian Vogue Launches Vogue Black and Vogue Curvy