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Karl Lagerfeld Made a Fancy Safe and Named It ‘Narcissus’; New Burberry Coming Uptown

Karl Lagerfeld made a safe with a German luxury safe-maker (so those exist). Only 30 will be made and each costs $339,000. He named it “Narcissus.” [WWD]

Burberry plans to open a store in the Upper West Side right next to the Ugg store. [WWD]

• Kim Kardashian responded to accusations that she ripped off a Fendi piece in her Bebe collection: “The clothes you see in the chain stores at your mall are all inspired by designer, runway fashion!!! What stores like Bebe do is take runway fashion and use it as inspiration to create pieces that are wearable and accessible for everyone. To say any of our pieces are knockoffs is to say every item in your mall is a knockoff.” [StyleList]

• Model-slash-D.J. Jesus Luz signed with Warner Music, his girlfriend Madonna’s label, and will release his first record in April. [Page Six/NYP]

• There was a fire at the Herald Square Macy’s yesterday. No one was harmed. [WWD]

• Cintra Wilson on the Zero + Maria Cornejo store: “Most of the items in the store, I realized, would work equally well for the pregnant, the post-pregnant and the not-even-thinking-about-kids-at-a-time-like-this-God-are-you-crazy.” [NYT]

Karen Elson’s first song is called The Ghost Who Walks. Watch her perform it via the link. [Modelinia]

• H&M sells $9.95 deep-crotch harem pants for children. [Racked]

• Platform heels started in the late Renaissance era as a symbol of wealth. Now you know. [Telegraph UK]

Karl Lagerfeld Made a Fancy Safe and Named It ‘Narcissus’; New Burberry Coming Uptown