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Ke$ha and Erin Wasson Disagree on Body Glitter

Despite 30-degree weather last night, Ke$ha showed up to Erin Wasson’s RVCA show wearing only a leopard-print leotard, fishnets, and a spiky leather biker jacket. She had just done a photo shoot for Elle, and arrived with the magazine’s creative director, Joe Zee, who styled her for the evening and thought no pants was a great look for the day after a snowstorm. “I have no ass, but I have pretty cool legs so I might as well just let it out,” Ke$ha told us. Her face was covered in glitter. “Hell yeah! Glitter is everything. Glitter and hair and hairspray,” she said. “I’m obsessed — I’m like, a glitter connoisseur. I buy it by the pound. I have like, secret sources of glitter. And then the only thing I’m a diva about on tour is like — I need at least a gallon of glitter a night.”

She hasn’t found a good place to buy glitter in New York. “I get mine shipped from L.A.,” she explained. “It’s like a paint store that has a secret stash of glitter in the back.” Though she wasn’t last night, Ke$ha often wears an unusual, extra-chunky variety of glitter that almost resembles sequins. She said that stuff isn’t body glitter. “It’s like, industrial glitter,” she explained. “I lather my body with beer or baby oil and just throw it on me.”

Aside from Elle, Allure and Interview must be into her look because she’s also doing shoots for those magazines while in town. However Erin Wasson isn’t keen on a sparkle-fest. “It never goes away, you know? It’s like the transfer goes to the transfer goes to the transfer and then all of a sudden there’s like, glitter for like ten years,” she said backstage after the show.

Yet Wasson, like Ke$ha, is quite laid back about Fashion Week. She had open seating for her show — guests could pick their own perches atop one of many stacks of expensive Oriental rugs on the sixth floor of ABC. “I want people to roll around on carpets,” Wasson explained. “Like, nothing should be contrived, nothing should be stiff, and God knows there’s enough people that have to sit in a chair that’s hard and stagnant and in a horrible environment and they’re texting away and their butt hurts.” She thought the color in the room was a nice contrast to her white collection. “I was kind of in a place where I was like, well I gotta like clean my slate and clean my mind and all I could think about was Buddhism and sort of the idea of thinking about a white light and a white space and just starting from there, and I just like the idea of keeping it really, like, alabaster.”

Wasson didn’t stream her show live online. “Online. Oh! I’m so not technologically advanced — I don’t know anything about a computer,” she said. What if a tech person volunteered to set it up for her? “Sure. If somebody could, like, sit down in Middle America or in like some crazy corner in the world and like, see it and feel it and be like I’m so into it, or even if they like saw the band and were like, ‘I’m all about it I’m gonna go buy the album,’ like, that’s what it’s all about.” Takers, techies?

Ke$ha and Erin Wasson Disagree on Body Glitter