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Kell on Earth Preview: Things Break, Kelly Gets Upset

Tonight Kelly Cutrone’s Bravo show, Kell on Earth, premieres. We haven’t watched it yet, but Kelly running her mouth has always been captivating on The Hills and The City. Just how will she behave on her own show, with an entire office to snap at without interruptions for Whitney to go on a date or walk down the street for five minutes in a short flouncy skirt? Well, as awesome as ever, judging by the preview clips Bravo released. However, it’s a little disconcerting that a lot of the drama appears to stem from electronic equipment malfunctioning, which sounds boring, but could result in enough ranting and raving to make for entertaining television. Because when the printer breaks, fashion people, generally unable to fix things that aren’t clothes or shoes, just start yelling at anyone, or staplers on their desks if no one’s around.

In the first clip, the printer breaks at a critical moment.

Further shedding light on why fashion shows always start so late, here is a clip where the monitor breaks backstage and Kelly refuses to start until it’s been fixed.

And here is an overview of how busy Kelly is as a fashion publicist.

Kell on Earth Preview: Things Break, Kelly Gets Upset