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Miranda Cosgrove Named New Neutrogena Rep; Get a Bra Inserted Under Your Skin

• Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove is the new face of Neutrogena. The 16-year-old’s first ad for the campaign will premiere in early spring, around the same time that her new solo album drops. [StyleWatch/People]

Doo.Ri’s lead hair stylist aimed to create a realistic look on the runway that everyday women would be able to achieve, opting for straightened hair with two loose fishtail braids. Is this a look you’d try on yourself? [BellaSugar]

• The buns on the models at Jason Wu were inspired by the 1993 movie The Piano. [Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• A new procedure would allow women who have had breast lifts or reductions to help retain their new shape by inserting a bralike support underneath the skin. The mesh material is shaped into a cone and helps take stress off of the skin in the area. Studies found that 60 percent of women who underwent the procedure felt able to go braless all of the time. Would you get an under-skin bra? [Daily Mail UK]

• Sociopolitical photographer Phillip Toledano shot a collection of photos of people who have undergone extreme plastic surgery to reach what they consider beautiful. He titled the series “A New Kind of Beauty.” Do you think these severe transformations can be considered art? [Refinery 29]

• Manicurist Jin Soon Choi is creating a second limited-edition polish collection for M.A.C., set to drop at the end of the summer. She unveiled the first color in the line at the Doo.Ri show, a puttylike gray with gold flecks. [Beauty Counter/]

Miranda Cosgrove Named New Neutrogena Rep; Get a Bra Inserted Under Your Skin