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Pam Anderson Rumored to Have Delayed Richie Rich’s Show by Over an Hour

Booing ensued when Richie Rich’s show for his A*Muse line started an hour and fifteen minutes late last night. We hear the delay was caused by star catwalker Pamela Anderson, who wouldn’t leave her hotel until Richie came to pick her up personally. We also hear the models, which included Richie runway veteran Tinsley Mortimer, were ready at 9:15 and angry they had to wait. Seven days into Fashion Week, and we were surprisingly more bored than angry ourselves. Even the red carpet “arrivals” and mishmash scene of raver drag queens and someone who claimed to be Janice Dickinson’s sister (who also claimed to know us and “loved our pen,” ew) couldn’t entertain us.

But the show did! Most of the swimwear was terrifically skimpy and trashy in a good way. More conservative pieces, like the tees and hoodies, reminded us of Ed Hardy — if Ed Hardy were sold in the Sears juniors’ section. But that’s what a Richie Rich show is for, and there’s no better way to finish a long week than with Pamela Anderson in a bathing suit made from oversize sequined rubber bands.

After the show, Pam exhibited none of her rumored pre-show diva behavior. She was not a fan of the adorable Westminster Dog Show. “I don’t watch dog shows. I don’t like dogs that work. I don’t believe in dog shows.” A campaigner against the Canadian seal hunt, she also doesn’t believe in people who eat seal hearts, such as Canada’s Governor General Michaëlle Jean. Last year she ate a “delicious” raw seal heart before reporters, an event meant to support aboriginal hunting communities in Northern Canada.

“I think that’s why, you know, I was invited to the opening of the Olympics, and then they changed their minds, because the governor general ate the heart out of a seal at a press conference. They probably thought that I’d criticize the Olympics, which I would’ve,” she said. “It was probably a good idea. But the Olympics aren’t over yet.” Maybe she can make the Closing Ceremonies? That bathing suit would sure be a showstopper in Vancouver this time of year. Or, you know, any time of year.

Pam Anderson Rumored to Have Delayed Richie Rich’s Show by Over an Hour