open secrets

Shhhhh! There’s a TOP SECRET Fashion Show Happening in Union Square Tomorrow!

Every now and then little gems plop into our in-boxes. Such as:

[Name Redacted],

I hope you are having a great 2010 so far! If you are around New York City for Fashion Week please be sure to accept this TOP SECRET invitation to an exclusive fashion show featuring over 8 designers from New York and Los Angeles. It is a 2 - 3 hour event at a great nightclub near Union Square.

About 200 - 300 people are expected at the event, which is great because it will not be packed, but not overwhelming. We also expect a hefty amount of press, so please come looking your best!

Because this party is invitation only, and only being publicized to targeted individuals - we are not telling our anyone where the party is. RSVP to the party, and on February 5, 2010 go between 105 w16th Street (Laundrymat) and the 14th Street Station. A picture and map to the location are on the events website [redacted].

When you arrive at the location, look for our hostess who will be wearing a bright colored bandanna on her arm. She will not be hard to spot - she will likely also have a clipboard and a walkie talkie. She will check if you are on the list - so PLEASE RSVP.

Tell the hostess the secret password “TOAST” and she will escort you in small groups into the party location. This means no lines, and fast tracking into the club. Make sure you bring a valid ID.

The party is 21+ BUT I have worked out an exception for this event only. If you or someone you know under 21 BUT OVER 18 would like to attend please email me and we will be able to have them attend (obviously, they will not be served alcohol). My email address is [redacted] and you can call / text me for this party at [redacted].

Hopefully I will see you there! Be sure to RSVP @ [redacted].

You can also see my other New York events and TOP SECRET parties at [redacted].

Be sure to contact me with any questions,

Thank You!

[Name Redacted]

You read it here first: Walkie-talkies are BACK.

Shhhhh! There’s a TOP SECRET Fashion Show Happening in Union Square Tomorrow!