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Marc and Lorenzo’s ‘Engagement Party’ Was Kind of a Wedding, After All

Last month photos emerged on the Internet of Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs posing with a wedding cake at a party on St. Barts that was reported to be their wedding. Jacobs’s rep was quick to deny that a wedding had actually occurred, and instead passed off the event as an engagement party. With a wedding cake. A source close to Martone told us the real wedding was scheduled for March. Putting two and two together, March makes perfect sense — Jacobs will have his New York Fashion Week show and Louis Vuitton show in Paris behind him; Martone’s events for his new PR agency will be done with, as well. But in a new interview with Butt magazine, Martone reveals the “engagement party” in St. Barts was their wedding. Or as much of a wedding as it could be:

In the end, we just had an intimate ceremony at a friend’s house with people who were already on the island. Although the official wedding documents won’t be signed till later this year, so legally we’re not married yet.

Really! So we contacted Martone over e-mail, and he wrote to us: “Hopefully after all the Fashion Week craziness is over, we can organize paperwork etc.” Referring to weddings as an “intriguing concept,” he added: “For me, it is about the commitment and more a state of mind. To some I guess the bureaucracy counts more?” He did not reveal whether another celebration with a wedding cake would occur in, say, New York, where paparazzi and us fashion people could stalk them. But who cares? They are married! In theory! Congrats to the happy couple!

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Marc and Lorenzo’s ‘Engagement Party’ Was Kind of a Wedding, After All