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The Fug Girls: Kelly Rutherford Commits the Biggest Faux Pas of Them All

We love a fashion faux pas, and the one at Nicole Miller’s show on Friday appeared to be a doozy: Two of the most notable celebrity guests, Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford and Beth Ostrosky Stern, were wearing the same cream dress. We clutched our pearls as Rutherford sat down and immediately turned to speak to the person on her other side, thus giving the impression of a cold shoulder. Drama! Would there be a verbal altercation? A few surreptitiously thrown elbows? A handbag fight?

Rutherford chatted with her other seatmate and occasionally stood up to pose with giddy Gossip Girl fans, while Ostrosky busied herself talking to Fox News’s Kimberly Guilfoyle and posed for pictures for a fellow front-row dweller whom we believe is the current Miss USA, Kristen Dalton. Kristen was at Christian Siriano on Friday as well, also in a prime seat, and appears to be having the time of her life. Good for her. Her reign ends in May, so girlfriend needs to milk it.

Taking a brief break from ogling the potential grudge match, we spied former Heatherette designer Richie Rich taking his seat next to models Irina Pantaeva and flame-haired Maggie Rizer (who looks so good that way, we can’t believe she didn’t try it sooner — her features totally pop now). Richie felt to us like a bit of an odd match for a Nicole Miller show, but he was perfectly suited to his whackadoo partner-in-crime, Amber Rose. She wore solid, rectangular wraparound shades and what looked like the top half of a leather suit of armor. As one does. Stuck way back in standing room was former As the World Turns star Martha Byrne. Apparently she was there in her capacity as the show-runner of a web soap, Gotham: The Series, which was shooting at Nicole Miller that day. But come on: She was on the locally shot ATWT for twenty years! Give the woman a seat. Although per Byrne’s Twitter feed, Miller did let her keep her shoes. We might take shoes over a seat, too.

If Byrne were hoping for a soapy end to the Kelly and Beth shenanigans, as we were, then we all went home disappointed. At the end of the show, when Nicole Miller came out for her bow, she turned to wave at them and did a small but perceptible double take — at which point Rutherford and Ostrosky turned to each other and laughed with what looked like genuine amusement and lack of ill will. Well. Being classy and a good sport is not as exciting as somebody losing a hair extension, but hey, deep down we’re suckers for a happy ending.

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The Fug Girls: Kelly Rutherford Commits the Biggest Faux Pas of Them All