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The Jersey Shore Cast May Attend and Model in Fashion Week

This season the Kardashians are showing their Bebe line in the Tents. QVC is also staging a fashion show there. Meanwhile, more designers are choosing M·A·C & Milk over the Tents, where the cell-phone reception might be total crap, but the vibe is distinctly more fashion and cool and less overly lip-glossed and cable television. So of course one can expect nothing less than to see the cast of Jersey Shore either sitting front-row at Fashion Week or modeling in a show.

Michael Schweiger, who manages all Shore cast members except Snooki (who is special enough to have her own representation and attend the Grammys), told “Page Six” that three designers have approached them so far. The labels seem to have their sights set particularly on Sammi and J-WOWW, a burgeoning designer herself, to either attend or model in a show. What — no one wants Pauly D on the ones and twos?

Though it’s a little sad that the last season in Bryant Park isn’t shaping up to be the most glamorous in its Fashion Week history, we do hope our crusty-haired friends wind up there in some capacity on the front row. Because at Fashion Week, your significance and industry hierarchy — or in other words, how much you matter to the world — is determined by where you sit. What does it say if top editors from places like Vogue and Vanity Fair find themselves in the same row as Snooki and J-WOWW? And no one cares about them because they are in the presence of the tannest, most ample bosoms in the room?

We have some ideas as to which three designers are targeting the Shoresters, but your guesses are welcome.

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The Jersey Shore Cast May Attend and Model in Fashion Week