The Times Figured Out What to Call Those Leg Things in Alexander Wang’s Show

It’s a good thing we stood up from our back-row seat at the Alexander Wang show to get a look at the puzzling tubes of fabric hanging down from the thighs of many models. What does one call those? we thought. Half-pants? Thigh sleeves? Little leggings that couldn’t? The New York Times knows: LEG WARMERS. But of course. Leg warmers have popped up on the fall 2010 runways of rag & bone, Michael Kors, Thakoon, and Derek Lam. As designers continue to scavenge the eighties for inspiration, it was only natural that leg warmers would work their way back into the spotlight.

“Those Alexander Wang ones will be on the top of every cool girl’s hot list for sure,” said Beth Buccini, an owner of Kirna Zabête in SoHo.

Her partner, Sarah Easley, added that the look would be a natural complement to all the short skirts and dresses that designers are showing for fall. It did not appear to faze them that many of the guests who attended Mr. Wang’s show walked away with the impression that he had scoured for inspiration among transsexual streetwalkers.

Huh. We walked away with the impression he was inspired by people who had just killed somebody or were on their way to kill somebody. But sometimes that is terribly chic, no? Anyway, we’re not sure about these new Wang leg warmers. They may end up being the kind of thing we lust after, then try on for fun, because — don’t you know? — they’re $500 (just speculating here), but it’s a good thing we can’t afford them anyway because they make our thighs pucker something unsightly, only drawing attention to the exact fattest part of our body. As we’ve seen, no celebrity can live that down, much less a normal person. They’re sort of a faux-looking thigh-high boot, and did last fall’s over-the-knees boots really catch on? Outside of the uniforms for bottle girls at this city’s skeaziest finest nightclubs (ahem, Provocateur), no.

Don’t Worry, Aerobics Are Optional [NYT]

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The Times Figured Out What to Call Those Leg Things in Alexander Wang’s Show