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Today in Curvy News: ‘Shapely Derrieres’ Walk in Milan; Bigger Girls at Prada?

Oh, the media wants curves to be in so badly! We do, too, but it’s too soon to tell if fashion will really embrace more normal-size, flesh-bearing figures. Most models on the runways and in magazines still look like waifs to us, but who knows what will happen? In any case, news of — and plenty of gawking over — curves in fashion abounds today. Highlights:

• The AFP seems pretty jazzed over the Elena Miro show that walked in Milan yesterday, calling the models “voluptuous, sensual, but most of all ‘real.’” The article continues: “[H]ow about stretch trousers in shimmering beige hugging a shapely derriere, or a cream-coloured decollete wool suit jacket revealing an ample bosom?” They neglect to explicitly note that Elena Miro is a plus-size label, but who cares? Curves in the fashion spotlight are always nice. [AFP]

• Are we in for curvier models in the Prada show that walks, like, now? The Imagist reports, “Prada faves are being unconfirmed by the gaggle. Apparently the word is that XXXXXXXXX are flying in on those lovely EXPENSIVE XXXXX. Peeps are saying it’s the house’s answer to the CFDA’s size and age question.” Fashionologie reports that they may mean the Victoria’s Secret Angels. [Imagist, Fashionologie]

Claudia Schiffer: “I remember telling my agent, ‘I never want to do any of the shows because I’m way too shy for this. There’s no way I can do it, and it’s not worth … the stress.’ But because [Lagerfeld] was asking, I couldn’t really say no. It was me walking among girls who were completely different. And I was curvaceous and I didn’t know how to walk, and I’d turn completely wrong and take the clothes off at the wrong time. It was all very innocent. And it was a huge success.” [StyleList]

• In yet another unnecessary what-men-find-attractive-in-women study (what about what women find attractive, scientists?), researchers discovered that men are wired to be attracted to curvier girls with nice hourglass figures. Not noted is the exception that lies in New York, where men often seek 115-pound 20-year-olds. [Daily Express UK]

Today in Curvy News: ‘Shapely Derrieres’ Walk in Milan; Bigger Girls at Prada?