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Victoria Beckham, Personal Shopper

When we arrived at Victoria Beckham’s launch of her denim and sunglasses lines yesterday at Bergdorf Goodman, the lady in question was nowhere to be found. “Oh, she’s in the dressing room with a customer,” said a publicist. “She’s helping people figure out which jeans work best for them.” Indeed, when we showed interest in the racks of slim-cut denim, some of which were accented with zippers and studs, she popped up at our elbow. “Hello, I’m Victoria!” she chirped, extending a tiny hand. Breathlessly, we shook it and asked if she might help us try on a pair. She immediately asked whether we preferred a high waist or low, and refrained (thank God) from stepping back and surveying our figure. She then pointed out the very same pair that she was wearing, told us she’d come to the dressing room whenever we were ready, and breezed on to the next customer: “Hello, I’m Victoria!”

Heeding her counsel, we selected a pair of front-zip, high-waisted skinny jeans (yikes) and headed in to try them on. According to another publicist, the fit runs a bit small, so we were generous with ourselves; of course, as soon as we inserted the second leg and began hopping about, dreading the inevitable ripping sound, we realized we might have underestimated our waist size by Posh standards. Just as we — and the seams — were about to admit defeat … up they went! In fact, they looked fantastic, or so another customer told us.

We stood on tiptoes outside the dressing rooms and searched the crowd for Victoria, but her diminutive figure made her difficult to spot. We then realized that we were wearing white Jockey tube socks (it was snowing all day, okay?), and retreated to change back into our normal clothes, which suddenly felt terribly unflattering.

When we rejoined the shoppers on the showroom floor, mentally calculating the percentage of our rent that one pair of the jeans would eat up, we were temporarily distracted by a platter of miniature peanut butter cupcakes … until we realized that consuming one in the same vicinity as Victoria Beckham in skinny jeans felt somehow wrong. Luckily, there were plenty of other delicious things to look at, including several pairs of blue-colored sunglasses and the round-framed shades that models wore at the showing of her fall collection.

“How did you get on? I just checked the dressing room, but I couldn’t find you,” Beckham said brightly, popping up from behind us once more. She explained how they could be difficult to pull up, but the end result was all the much better for it, even miming the yanking motion on her own legs. “The fit is completely worth it,” she said with a smile. We couldn’t agree more.

Victoria Beckham, Personal Shopper