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Video: Lindsay Lohan’s Purple Shoot With Terry Richardson

Lindsay Lohan tweeted a while back about a Purple shoot involving the magazine’s editor, Olivier Zham, her little sister Ali, and Ungaro. Turns out that in addition to a spread, she got the cover, on which she poses like Jesus, naturally, with her arms outstretched and a crown of thorns. We figured that as the artistic adviser and public face of Emanuel Ungaro she would wear the label exclusively (or close to it) in the spread. After all, it’s not uncommon for fashion magazines like Purple to devote entire spreads to one label. And with Ungaro floundering, some kind of promotion is necessary. But in an image leaked on the Fashion Spot, Lohan wears Zac Posen. On the cover she is not wearing the infamous heart-shaped nipple pasties from the spring Ungaro collection, which makes sense because Purple is the last magazine that would try to hide nipples, but still, the piece doesn’t appear to be Ungaro. In a video of her shoot with Richardson, Lohan wears look 23 from Alexander McQueen’s spring collection.

A past video from the set of one of Richardson’s Purple shoots revealed Natasa Vojnovik screaming like a crazy, possessed person. In this video, Lindsay shrieks like a banshee for Richardson’s lens, too. Only she seems embarrassed by it.

Huh. We always thought Purple shoots were much weirder.

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Video: Lindsay Lohan’s Purple Shoot With Terry Richardson