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Wendy Williams Reviews Celebs on the Runway, From Raven-Symoné to Felicity Huffman

Heidi Klum must have doled out modeling advice to the women — Joan Collins, Kim Kardashian, Felicity Huffman, Jordin Sparks — walking the runway in this season’s Red Dress fashion show, right? “No. I don’t like to give them any tips,” Klum deadpanned before the show. “It’s about these women being here and having an important message” — the Red Dress collection is a heart-disease awareness campaign — “so everyone has their own flair and their own way, and they blow kisses and they do funny things, and that’s what it’s about.”

And the women did themselves proud — the shoes were high, and nobody fell. The breakout was Raven-Symoné, who didn’t miss a beat when she lost a shoe; she kept right on walking, kicked off the other shoe, and left them on the runway.  (And the next model didn’t trip over them.) Olympic swimmer Dara Torres sensibly held her shoes in her hand and walked the runway barefoot. A pregnant Bethenny Frankel walked slowly in her skyscraper heels, but classily kept lifting her tight dress and then pulling it back down.

Wendy Williams jumped in with a highly objective review after the show: “I loved Raven-Symoné,” she said. “Robin Roberts, because she gave me a special ‘How you doing,’ okay. I loved Kim; we’ve had a longstanding relationship, and she and Reggie and I took a picture right before.” Williams also loved Felicity Huffman. “She has no idea who I am, but I watch her show. Every single freaking week that the dear lord sends, I watch her.” Williams wouldn’t say whose walk really needs work, but she did offer this: “There were a lot of flat behinds, and I think that, really, to fill out a dress, you need to do some squats, girlfriends.” Who should build up their booty? “I’m not calling out names.”

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Wendy Williams Reviews Celebs on the Runway, From Raven-Symoné to Felicity Huffman