What It Takes to Be a Calvin Klein Underwear Model

Kellan Lutz was a model before he was a Twilight fantasy, but he was still intimidated by his Calvin Klein underwear photo shoot. “I’ve never had to do anything like that, so in the beginning, I was just, like, ‘So, is the temperature going to be hot? Do I need, you know, fluffers maybe?’” Lutz told us today at the Calvin Klein Menswear show, where he was fully clothed. “They made it really easy. The clothes fit great — there wasn’t anything that was riding up, so you don’t feel uncomfortable posing.”

Lutz’s friends are teasing him a bit, and expects that his mom will get a lot of calls from her lady friends. But the Twihards love it! “You know, the Twilight fans have been amazing with it,” he said. “They really are a loving group of ladies.”

Mehcad Brooks, of True Blood fame, said that he had to get his Zoolander thing on for the shoot. “The weirdest thing is trying to take yourself seriously when you’re trying to look sexy,” he explained. “I was doing my ‘Blue Steel’” Brooks said, squishing his face. “I was like, okay, whatever you do, don’t laugh. And I probably laughed half the time, so they had to cut out half the pictures from the shoot.” Brooks says his father advised him to choose boxers over briefs because they are less revealing. He didn’t really have a choice in the matter, and ended up wearing both types.

Not everyone has dreams of underwear modeling. “There would definitely be a lot of discussion; I don’t know,” Chace Crawford told us. He thought a moment, then made a decision. “If Eva Mendes does it, okay, maybe.”

What It Takes to Be a Calvin Klein Underwear Model