ALERT: Kate Moss Doesn’t Always Model Her Own Hands

Cosmetics ads that depict models or celebrities touching their smooth, blemish-free skin could be lies. Those hands do not always belong to the same person as the face, as apparently beauty doesn’t always extend to the tip of every limb. Kate Moss and Lily Cole are just two women who have been paired with a hand model on shoots. Hand model Gemma Howorth, who has worked with both women, makes up to around $3,000 a day for her hand-subbing services. She worked with Moss on a commercial for Rimmel:

‘It was very flattering to stand in for her hands.

’Some people think “what’s wrong with my hands” but Kate was a professional.’

But being a hand model can actually be more awkward than working as a regular model.

‘I was on a shoot with [Troy actress] Rose Byrne for Max Factor and I had to lie on top of her for about three hours.

’I had to put my arm and hand to look like it was part of her body and I had my little finger in her mouth, ’ Gemma explained.

Maintaining those perfect nail beds also takes hard work and dedication. She wears white gloves over SPF 60 when she lays in the sun and moisturizes 30 times a day. But her husband does the dishes, which is nice.

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ALERT: Kate Moss Doesn’t Always Model Her Own Hands