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Alexander McQueen’s Ashes to Be Scattered in Scotland

Alexander McQueen’s father and five siblings will travel to the Scottish Isle of Skye in the coming weeks to scatter his ashes. His father, Ronald, was born on Skye. “He made it clear his wish was for his ashes to be scattered on Skye, where our family comes from originally, and we are going to honour that,” his brother Michael told the London Times. “He had been there quite a few times over the years and felt a real connection to the place.”

Last month McQueen hanged himself in the wardrobe of his £2 million London home, where his cleaning lady discovered him. The designer left a suicide note, but his family remains puzzled by his actions. “I really don’t know why he would do such a thing,” Michael said. “It goes to show that money doesn’t buy you everything. He was probably very lonely in his own way. That may be it.”

He added, “We are dealing with it the best we can, but it is difficult and we have our ups and downs because we just lost our mother as well.” McQueen died the day before his mother’s funeral.

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Alexander McQueen’s Ashes to Be Scattered in Scotland