Are You Familiar With ‘Haul’ Vloggers?

You know how girls give makeup tutorials on YouTube? A similar phenomenon exists for clothes. They’re called “haul videos” and consist of girls videotaping themselves showing the world what they just bought at the mall. Like, they go home, plop down in front of their webcams, and pull their new purchases out of shopping bags. And discuss each item in way too much detail.

This is a natural evolution of the personal-style blogging phenomenon, popularized by sites such as Sea of Shoes and Fashion Toast, in which girls just take pictures of themselves wearing clothes and rocking style SO HARD. Except you may find more stylistic variation among personal-style blogs. Haul vloggers seem to be primarily of one species: the girl who flatirons her hair, wears too-thick eye shimmer up to her eyebrows, drowns in eyeliner, and gets her brows waxed regularly. She also wears trendy-but-ugly nail polish and probably gets chemical peels at regular monthly intervals. Haul vloggers seem to favor, typically, cheap stores like Forever 21 and Target. Also, they don’t ever seem to wear half the trendy crap they’re constantly buying. And to think these people think they need this stuff, when what they need most of all are lives, hobbies, jobs, maybe cats.

Here’s an example of a popular haul vlog that’s been viewed almost 8,000 times. She thinks her hair looks bad, but actually it looks damn near perfect.

The Latest Trend In Shopping: Have You Heard Of “Haul Videos”? [Slaves to Fashion/Glamour]
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Are You Familiar With ‘Haul’ Vloggers?