Demi Moore Says Her W Hip Wasn’t Retouched

Demi Moore appears on the latest cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Her hips do not show like they did in her last W cover, which prompted many on the Internet to wonder if photo retouchers helped themselves to a slice of her hip. She explained the shot to Bazaar:

“Okay, that is literally my shape,” Demi says, sticking her leg out for effect. What bothered her, she says, “wasn’t that people were saying it was retouched, it was that they were saying my hip was so badly botched because a hunk of it was taken out. I called the photographers, and they said, ‘We did not touch anything on your hip, your thigh, or your waist. It was the position.’ Actually, somebody sent me an image I retweeted on Twitter. It was this beautiful marble statue, and the body position was exactly the same as what I was doing. This person had outlined how the hip goes in and the leg goes out.” So silence thee, hip haters.

In case you were wondering what Moore’s clothing size is:

Being snake-hipped is fabulous for fashion, though. But Demi, who is a size 2, tops, recently discussed the shrinking size of models with her friend, Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz. “Models, even male models — how small they’ve gotten! It looks great for the clothes, but it’s not what you want in real life. Why do we have to keep looking at ourselves and measuring?”

Maybe she hasn’t heard about the supposed resurgence of curves. She doesn’t seem to have grown any.

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Demi Moore Says Her W Hip Wasn’t Retouched