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Harper’s Bazaar Shot the Jersey Shore Girls

It’s interesting that WWD accuses the Jersey Shore cast of “basking in, and hyperactively milking, their 15 minutes.” Because we could have sworn the fashion and media industries were just as guilty of that, perhaps more so, because these people don’t even have to try to get attention — fashion people are practically begging for just a stain of Snooki’s bronzer on a Brooks Brothers shirt, or a simple photograph of Pauly D’s hair. Harper’s Bazaar is the latest fashion magazine to land a photo shoot with Shore cast members. JWOWW, a designer herself, broke the news yesterday on Twitter:

Omw to the Harper’s Bazaar Shoot… Prior to the show I never purchased one mag/ now I’m in a lot of em! And buy 10 a wk! They’re addicting!

Snooki also posted a couple of photos of the ladies from the shoot to Twitter, but we can’t really tell if either is pre- or post-wardrobe. Harper’s Bazaar is generally pretty good at styling celebrities, so we’re hoping these are “pre” shots, unless the magazine decided to shoot them in their truest form, Ed Hardy and all.

Interview magazine also recently did a Shore shoot of their own. Terry Richardson shot the guys with model Bar Refaeli for the April issue. We only expect the Shore high-fashion photo shoots to continue, because the industry loves to embrace those of whom even the tabloids are tired (read: Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown). So why fight it? WWD writes:

Bazaar senior features editor Elisa Lipsky-Karasz is said to have been given the harrowing task of penning the accompanying feature.

Remind us why Miley Cyrus has never inspired a similar tone?

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Harper’s Bazaar Shot the Jersey Shore Girls