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Johnny Weir to Ride Yak, Then Meet With F.I.T.

Johnny Weir has said he wants to attend F.I.T. and start his own fashion line. Turns out those are serious threats. He tells Crushable:

Ever since I was old enough to understand what higher eduction was, I understood that it was one of the most important things to do as a young person. And going to school for something that I am interested in is very important to me.

Weir plans to meet with the school this summer and see if he can take classes while he traverses the globe figure skating. Ultimately, he doesn’t want to design skating costumes.

I want to have a real fashion line. I think people in life often get typecast or pigeon-holed as the first job they choose in life. I don’t want that. Whatever I do next, I won’t associate with figure skating.

Right. And we can’t wait to get home to watch the game tonight. But before Weir gets serious about his so-called unitard-free life:

[A]fter all this touring is over, I want to take a vacation. I’m planning to go to Mongolia because I want to ride a yak, then I’m going to Russia after that to visit with some friend and do some partying. Then I want to just lay on the beach. I hope. I’ll probably end up going to the Jersey Shore for a month with Snooki. I’ve never been to the Jersey Shore before and I live in New Jersey.

He might want to hire a bodyguard.

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Johnny Weir to Ride Yak, Then Meet With F.I.T.