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Karl Lagerfeld Sends Beast Models Around a Giant Iceberg for Chanel

Last season, Karl Lagerfeld put his Chanel models in a barn, with hay and everything, possibly even burrs. This season he put them on a faux glacier with faux-fur looks to match. But this was not a political statement on climate change and saving baby seals — Karl was just inspired by the Ice Hotel in Sweden, which he has never visited and doesn’t seem to want to. So models marched around enormous real icebergs, which were made to look like they sat in a blue sea. The runway was actually a shallow puddle, and models stomped through it, wetting the hems of their pants and the fur on their boots.

All the fur in the show was fake, but Karl used plenty of it. And it makes perfect sense, because if you were staying in a hotel made of ice, what would you want to wear? We’d want exactly what Baptiste Giabiconi and his friend Brad Kroenig (Karl’s ex-muse! the old Baptiste!) have on. And after we left the Ice Hotel and traveled south to Amsterdam for our rave, we’d want to get some more mileage out of our ice-hotel footwear, this being a recession and all.

If we had an ice business lunch there prior to that, we’d want the fur-trimmed jacket with the tailored fur pants. Ironically, Dwight wore them on The Real Housewives of Atlanta last season, but here they are in high fashion. If Karl can make clogs fashionable, he can probably do the same for pants that give you bear legs.

From left: Brad Kroenig, Baptiste Giabiconi, Chewbacca, Coco Rocha, and Iris Strubegger.

Photo: Imaxtree, Lucasfilms.

Chewbacca did not model in the show, but after much debate and light Google image research, we decided the opening looks worn by Brad and Baptiste most resembled his favorite outfit, proving that perhaps Avatar isn’t the new Star Wars just yet. We also considered sloths, North American porcupines, musk oxen, panda bears, and Sasquatch. Which creatures — real or fake — did we miss?

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Karl Lagerfeld Sends Beast Models Around a Giant Iceberg for Chanel