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Kelly Cutrone Believes in Sex Toys

In last night’s episode of Kell on Earth, Kelly went shopping at Babeland for sex toys. Turns out that clip was going to appear online only until Kelly called Bravo and asked them to put it on TV. “It was important to me that we spread the message that shopping for sex toys is okay,” she told “Page Six.” “I thought it was perfect. This isn’t something we should be ashamed to discuss.” And Kelly, who is apparently well-versed in sex toys, is not ashamed to discuss them.

In an interview on Babeland’s blog, Kelly remembers:

A good friend of mine gave me an anal dilator once, which I had to put in my bag as I was going through security at the Milan airport. I’m the first person at the gate, and behind me are two amazingly hot, sexy Italian business men. Sure enough, the security guy opens up my bag, pulls out the anal toy, and says “Signora, you cannot go on the plane with this, this is a weapon.” Clearly the two Italian guys knew what is was and were ready to ask me out on a date. But I grabbed the toy back, and said “I’m a fashion producer, I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, and I need it to do my job.” And off I went through the gate!

Kelly adds, “Our show is about women and power, and now housewives are going to watch me shopping for sex toys, and see it as a fun and celebratory thing.” When her daughter is a few years older, she will be so glad to read all this.

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Kelly Cutrone Believes in Sex Toys