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La Toya Jackson Now Fronts a $227 Hand Cream With Diamond Dust

German nail salon and skin-care and cosmetics brand Alessandro International recruited La Toya Jackson to help them formulate and sell a hand lotion named “Dream Cream.” They even flew her to Dusseldorf for the Beauty International trade fair, her star power making the Dream Cream booth the place to be, according to WWD. Alessandro founder Silvia Troska says that La Toya would call her in the middle of the night to discuss the samples of the cream, which makes sense as La Toya lives not in Europe but L.A.

Jackson was thrilled that Troska put diamond dust in the cream, so perhaps she’s wearing gloves over the hands her cream made beautiful so as not to blind us with their radiance. One can only assume she was equally excited about the cream’s Swarovski-encrusted lid. Neither La Toya nor Troska addressed the randomness of La Toya’s endorsement. Maybe they just really wanted someone with the balls to go to a ball wearing a sparkly white bat costume and flap her wings for the cameras.

Photo: Marco Prosch/Getty Images

Which La Toya did on January 15.

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La Toya Jackson Now Fronts a $227 Hand Cream With Diamond Dust