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Lady Gaga Is Trying to Bring the Landline Back

Seriously, the shoes are weird, even for her.

Lady Gaga may soon surpass Sarah Jessica Parker in the contest for most bonkers fascinator of modern times. She wore a headpiece clearly inspired by her new single “Telephone” for the interview portion of British television show Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, which she taped yesterday. She also wore a pair of shoes that look more like an optical illusion than like footwear, and are woefully deprived of water and goldfish.

The segment, which airs Friday, also includes a performance, judging by the photos currently on the wire. It looks like that portion involves Gaga doing saucy dances in and around a telephone booth, an old-fashioned commodity that may soon be in vogue after appearing in last month’s Glamour. Gaga also wears a hair landline phone in the “Telephone” video, which comes out on Monday. So quick, everyone! Throw out your cell phones! Grab some quarters! Strap your desk phone to your head! The artiste is making a profound statement on modern culture, and you don’t want to look out of the loop.

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Lady Gaga Is Trying to Bring the Landline Back