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Lindsay Lohan Designing Bags for 6126, Not Ed Hardy

Looks like she’s really pulled herself together. (This was taken Monday.)

Yesterday reports surfaced that owing to mutual friendships with the Ed Hardy design team, Lindsay Lohan would collaborate on a bag line with them. But last night she tweeted:

fyi….. i am NOT designing for Ed Hardy… JUST 6126 (my line)

Before you breathe a sigh of relief, know that this morning she also tweeted:

6126 inked a licensing deal w The California Bag Co. European designer Paz Shaked Wolf (from D&G) to head up design team w Lindsay Lohan.

Her leggings line is about to spawn bags, and Lindsay will help create them with a designer from D&G, a legitimate high-fashion brand. So once she’d had a taste of the high-fashion world, she couldn’t let it go. Which is ironic since high-fashion designers aspire to Target lines now.

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Lindsay Lohan Designing Bags for 6126, Not Ed Hardy