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Lindsay Lohan Out at Ungaro

Lindsay Lohan didn’t go to the Emanuel Ungaro show yesterday. Though Lohan was appointed artistic adviser last summer, Ungaro owner Asim Abdullah said backstage Lohan was “not involved” in the fall 2010 collection. WWD reports today that Lohan is done with the label. The good thing about that is, she has plenty of time to go to shows and parties in Paris instead of hole up in a studio into the wee hours trying to come up with creative ways to conceal nipples. WWD caught up with Lohan on the front row of Kenzo yesterday:

Asked why she hadn’t been at Ungaro, she replied: “Because I don’t work for them anymore.” Prompted for more specifics, she noted, “There’s legal things going on; I can’t really discuss it.”

When Lohan first signed on, scoffs were heard round the world. Tim Gunn wondered if Lohan’s appointment, which came at the cost of designer Esteban Cortazar, who preferred to quit rather than work with her, was the consequence of a “crack-smoking board of directors.” Without Mounir Moufarrige, who hired Lohan and left his position as CEO of the label in December, no one seems to be around to bat for her.

But oh, the fashion industry is a fickle one. One day the last thing they wanted was a young actress breezing into a high-fashion house to artistically advise, and now that she’s gone it sounds like they want her back! From WWD’s review:

[Lohan] wasn’t even invited to the show. Which is too bad in a way, since without her hype, Ungaro has to be about the clothes, and they weren’t much.

They called the clothes “fine and cute, but not special, noting some looks “flooded the mass market a few years ago.” Designer Estrella Archs is just not nearly as interesting to fashion critics or the masses without a starlet at her side on whom to blame any ugly. Besides, Lohan cried on the runway last season, which was ballsy and fascinating.

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Lindsay Lohan Out at Ungaro