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Meet the New Guy: Gadir Rajab

Gadir Rajab (FORD).

When we laid eyes on Gadir Rajab, we had visions of this Aussie rookie becoming successful on the runways and in print. With his light-olive skin (courtesy of his mix of Indian, Lebanese, and French blood) and those oh-so-pouty lips, he’d be perfect for photographer Bruce Weber’s aesthetic. And his slim, but not prepubescent, six-foot-one-inch frame will be a shoe-in on the eclectic Dries Van Noten and Givenchy runways. Being that the 18-year-old just landed in New York for the first time, catch him while you can. But, casting directors take note: The line to meet Gadir starts to the right of us.

Model Profile: Gadir Rajab

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Meet the New Guy: Gadir Rajab