Naomi Campbell Supposedly Attacked Her Driver Over a Man

More details have emerged in Naomi Campbell’s latest alleged assault against the help. Twenty-seven-year-old Miodrag Mejdina was hired to ferry Campbell from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to a photo studio in Queens in a Cadillac Escalade (not a taxi as previously reported). He told cops yesterday that Campbell became furious, and just before they got to the Queensboro Bridge, slapped and hit him from the backseat, knocking his head against the steering wheel. When Mejdina pulled over to report his unruly client to a traffic cop, Campbell got out of the car and fled on foot.

The Daily News and Post report that Campbell was enraged over a year-old incident perhaps involving her current boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin. Apparently a year ago, when Mejdina was driving him around, Campbell called Doronin but he didn’t answer. She then called Mejdina, who didn’t pick up either. Yesterday she remembered the incident, and reportedly was enraged Mejdina wouldn’t tell her whether Doronin, who is still married, was cheating on her.

Though Mejdina had swelling and bruising under his eye, he decided not to press charges. So cops don’t even need to speak to Campbell anymore. Her spokesman said, “There shouldn’t be a rush to judgment. Naomi will cooperate voluntarily, and there is more to the story than meets the eye.” Yeah … a puffy bruise!

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Naomi Campbell Supposedly Attacked Her Driver Over a Man