Project Runway Goes to the Hardware Store!
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Project Runway Goes to the Hardware Store!

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A Stale Black-and-White Cookie
This mod mini is made out of paint-tray pieces, and though Mila continued with her colorblocking trend, she definitely pulled it off well here. Nina calls the look “extraordinary,” and Stephen says it has “real vision.” He also really loves the cuff accessory. “Bravo, indeed,” says Toledo, which sounds like exactly the kind of thing she’d say. The only think we’re anti is the choker, because that there’s a hard plastic paint tray right around her neck. Just thinking about it makes us gasp for air. Gasp!
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Jesse — the Loser!

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If I Only Had a Heart
This dress is a disaster, from the ill-fitting tin-foil bodice, to the weird metal pouf on the bottom. “It feels like the Tin Man,” says Nina. Michael calls her a “Hershey Kiss,” and Heidi goes so far as to compare to the dress to a dirty vacuum bag. Ha. Though Jesse gets the boot, he maintains that his garment was worthy. “I built it really fucking well,” he tells the camera during his exit interview. Um, no, Jesse, no you didn’t. Good-bye!
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Autumnal Shine
This dress is awesome, and we were surprised that Jonathan didn’t make it into the top three. The fall colors of the copper contrast nicely with the gold sheen, and if the top were sold alone, we’d buy that to wear with a pair of jeans. Well, maybe.
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Metal Mini
We think the judges were too hard on Anthony for this little number. Sure, the top is kind of cheesy, but the strong silver belt saves it from being too precious. Michael, however, calls it “a bad prom dress.” Nina says “it’s too boring,” and Stephen makes the bad joke — “You went to the softwear store.” Anthony makes some funny faces, and Heidi saves him from going home. We think they’re secret besties.
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Bling Bling Bling Bling
Too ... much ... gold. This dress also looks like tin foil, albeit copper tin foil, and we’re not a big fan.
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Showgirl Chic
Ha! Emilio really f-ed up this challenge, which he knows. That bathing suit is hilariously bad. “What happened?” asks Nina. He didn’t buy anything with which to make a dress, Nina, that’s what happened! Stephen calls it “a bloody disaster,” and Michael calls it “really cheesy.” Nina, funnily enough, doesn’t hate it. “I don’t think it’s too bad,” she says. Emilio doesn’t go home, of course, since he’s one of the strongest designers and this was really just a big mistake in terms of material. We trust next week he’ll be back in fine form.
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Jay — the Winner!

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Trashy Leather
This look really is incredible; we have to hand it to little Jay. The blue-and-black bodice is very cool, and the fact that he got garbage bags to really look like leather is somewhat unbelievable. And that belt! Heidi calls it “amazing” — “We’ve seen a lot of garbage bags on Project Runway, but never like this,” she gushes. Jay wins the day and then does the cutest, highest jump backstage. Congrats!
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Seth Aaron

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Tin Man, Take Two
This is the slightly better version of Jesse’s dress, and it gets Seth through to the next round. We’d wear that ... to a Halloween party for Tin Ladies. Nowhere else.
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Oh, Sandy
Amy’s sandpaper extravaganza turned out really well! The fanlike top may be a bit much, but it’s definitely cool, fits well, and the little skirt is very flattering. But: itchy.
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The Key to the Judges’ Hearts
The judges loved Maya’s gray shift dress made out of window screen. Michael calls it “truly a head-to-toe look,” and everyone raves about her key-and-dog-chain necklace, which really does look like it could be sold in a store. The wire-y jacket isn’t practical, per se, but it’s interesting. Nina calls the whole ensemble “wearable and fashion-forward.”


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