Security Averts a Catfight in the Hermès Line

The annual spring Hermès sale is in full swing, and tensions are high. The lines have been soul-crushingly long — yesterday’s wait time was up to three hours. “You’ll notice a lot of bitchface,” a Racked reporter commented, amusingly. “People do not seem happy.” Yesterday, a shouting match broke out when a pregnant woman attempted to cut the line.

When a security guard was called over to settle the dispute — it takes chutzpah to yell at a pregnant woman, but standing around for two hours will do that to a person — she said she left the line earlier to go home and take a nap. They eventually let her in, but only after the disgruntled women she attempted to sneak in front of.

If you have the time and resolve to brave the line, you’ll find leather goods, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and ready-to-wear for 40 to 70 percent off. Though much of the merch is still priced in the thousands, scarves are $225 and small bags and wallets start at around $400.

Some Final Tidbits from the Hermès Sale in Chelsea [Racked NY]


Security Averts a Catfight in the Hermès Line