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‘Slutty Chic’ Hot for Prom

The big trend for prom this year is slutty dresses, according to the Post.

Nathan Vaknin, manager of Fiesta Ladies Fashion, a dress store on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, said, “For prom this year, girls want short and poofy or long, tight-fitting, with everything cut out – the sides are gone, the back is gone, the front is basically gone.

But don’t stores always have slutty prom dresses? And isn’t it natural for 17-year-old promgoers to gravitate toward something that will push their boobs up to their chins and show off how small their young, pretty waists are?

Naturally, things will look a little sluttier this year, since cutouts are a big trend generally. And nothing looks sluttier than a tacky, poorly designed cutout dress like those you see here. But this is prom! No one is meant to look back at their pictures and think, “Damn. I looked good that night.”

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‘Slutty Chic’ Hot for Prom