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Spring Forward With 100 Top Picks from Retailers

Did you know that this Sunday is Daylight Savings, and we spring forward again? Yeah, we didn’t either. The days are getting longer, the sun’s getting stronger, and we can almost smell the sunscreen now. So to get excited for the return of warmer temps, in our latest Shop-A-Matic we went around the city and asked 100 of our favorite retailers what they were most excited to get in for spring 2010. Our answers ran the gamut from the practical (plant your seedlings now!) to the whimsical (personalized Alice in Wonderland book, anyone?). For clothes, accessories, gadgets, and more, check out the full selection here, and click ahead to check out some of our favorite finds.

Canvas Sneaker by Comme des Garçons Shirt x Tretorn
Price: $140
Why It’s Their Spring Pick: “I think one of the items I think about during spring/summer are a pair of simple canvas sneakers you can bum around in. I love these classic, low-profile canvas sneakers from two iconic brands.” — Eddy Chai, Owner, Odin

Midnight Recovery by Kiehl’s
Price: $42
Why It’s Their Spring Pick: “A powerful, 99 percent natural elixir that replenishes the skin overnight while it’s naturally trying to recover from the day’s stresses. The blend of botanical and essential oils is paraben-free, and because it’s also water-free, it nourishes your complexion with a highly concentrated dose of natural nutrients.” — Dominick Vitale, Store Manager, Kiehl’s

Canby Maple Shades by Shwood
Price: $95
Why It’s Their Spring Pick: “A fresh interpretation of the wayfarer style with true wood construction and high-quality lenses at a great price.” — Peter Hahn, Owner, Turntable Lab

Rain Jacket in a Packet by Old Navy
Price: $20
Why It’s Their Spring Pick: “It’s multipurpose and easy to use. Plus, it comes in an amazing range of colors and will not clutter your handbag.” — Arthur Lewis, Senior Vice-President of Women’s Merchandising, Old Navy

Roses Vine Romper by J.Crew
Price: $125
Why It’s Their Spring Pick: “So playful and fun! It’s a whole new way of looking at swimwear since it covers more for a woman who doesn’t want to show too much, but others love it as a whimsical romper. Throw on a cozy cardigan and lounge around with your favorite drink at the beach while wearing this.” — Marisa Webb, Head of Women’s Design, J.Crew

Spring Forward With 100 Top Picks from Retailers