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The Next Season of The Hills Will Be Its Last!

That face.

The seventh season of The Hills, which premieres April 27, will be the final season EVER. It’s not a total surprise, of course. Since Lauren Conrad’s departure from the show, we’ve been expecting (if not hoping for) this announcement to come. Watching these tabloid celebs toil at their fake jobs, without addressing the fact that they’re, you know, really famous and rich, felt increasingly inane. Or: “A lot of these kids have found themselves and have certainly embarked on different careers and different paths,” as creator Adam DiVello puts it in EW.

Even so, we’ll actually miss watching as Audrina tries to rid herself of the Justin lovebug, Spencer lies about becoming a better person, and the She-Pratt meddles in everyone’s life. So we’ll end this post with a plea to those who’ve given up on the show: Please watch this final season with us! (We’ll be recapping our way through, as usual.) We don’t want to go it alone. After the final episode we can raise a glass together, toast to the memories, and then be thrilled to get the hell out of Dodge.

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The Next Season of The Hills Will Be Its Last!