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These New White Cage Louboutins Sure Are Polarizing

Blogger Guerilla Shopper can’t believe Saks chose this particular pair of Christian Louboutins to highlight in an e-mail blast plugging their new spring Loub offerings, writing, “I realize that it’s easy to make fun of white shoes, but COME ON. These are hideous in ANY color, but particularly white.” This prompted Racked to ask if these Loubs are “the ugliest shoes in the world.” However, NY Spender blogs:

Shoes like these make me realize two things:

1) Christian Louboutin is a shoe genius.

2) My shoes are boring.

White heels regularly top our annual list of bad spring fashion choices (along with the unfailingly skanky combo of high heels and cheek-skimming booty shorts, which is made that much skankier when the heels are faux Loubs). The knockoffs these will inspire already have us dry heaving.

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These New White Cage Louboutins Sure Are Polarizing