This Might Be the Preppiest Fashion Collaboration Ever (Updated)

Good news to all of those who enjoy nothing more than a pair of Nantucket red pants. Sperry Top-Sider is opening their first stores this year. As if whole stores filled with boat shoes wasn’t enough, they will also carry Tucker Blair belts. Surely you remember Tucker Blair, to which we introduced you in December. They make needlepoint belts for the guy who sits down at his desk in “some anonymous, beige office building,” sifts through Excel spreadsheets, and realizes he’d “give just about anything to be on the Cape with a beer and a pair of Croakies.” So this just might be the preppiest fashion collaboration in history. What if they make belts, headbands even, with little boat shoes on them? But just who is the Sperry Top-Sider Tucker Blair man? Who is that mind-blowingly preppy?

Freddie Fackelmayer, for one.

Photo:,, Getty Images

Update: The Tucker Blair people emailed us to let us know that our math is in fact correct. Though previously unaware of Freddie Fackelmayer and Tucker Blair’s relationship, a spokesman for the belt company tells us via email, “I actually introduced him to the brand a few months ago via Twitter, and he seems to be a fan.” Proof: here.

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This Might Be the Preppiest Fashion Collaboration Ever (Updated)