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Tina Fey Won’t Have Another Zac Posen Flop at the Oscars

Tina Fey landed on E!’s “worst dressed” list after wearing a Zac Posen gown to the Golden Globes. Posen was overheard saying at New York Fashion Week, “After the Golden Globes, she fired her stylist and canceled the dress she’d ordered from me for the Academy Awards.” Except Fey’s spokeswoman says she never ordered such a dress: “There was no ‘firing’ nor was there a Zac Posen dress that had been lined up.” She added:

“I believe a very preliminary discussion was had between [stylist] Anna Bingemann and Zac about wanting to dress Tina again — she wore his dress last year for the Oscars — but it was too early to make any sort of commitment.”

Fey is not working with Bingemann for the Oscars. Rather, Vogue has taken her on in what sounds like a bit of a charity project. StyleList reports that the magazine will dress her — since she appeared on the March cover — for a story called “An Education: Tina Fey, Learning to Dress Like a Star.” But even if she has a bad outfit on, who cares? She’s hilarious and wonderful, and a bad dress wouldn’t be as detrimental for her as for someone like Carey Mulligan.

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Tina Fey Won’t Have Another Zac Posen Flop at the Oscars