A Perfect Addition to the Half-Hooker Economy: Chelsea’s New Hotel for Models

UrbanDaddy newsletters are such a Friday-afternoon treat. Today’s came with the subject line “Models. A Hotel. You.” Oooooh! Us, REALLY? Well, technically no, not us, really, but models, really. And rich men who want to ogle them, really. The half-hooker economy expands its reach in the hospitality area from nightclubs to Fashion 26, a new Wyndham Hotels gimmick conceived to reel in fashion models. Models, agencies, and designers get discounts on the 280 rooms, and the hotel doesn’t charge extra if agencies want to cram extra girls into a room. So they can theoretically put as many girls in one room as they want.

UrbanDaddy knows what this is really about. Not models, but men who want to be near them. And they are gloating:

Chilled champagne upon arrival. A concierge with 8pm reservations at Minetta Tavern. Bath towels folded into animals.

Yet you’ve always felt something was missing from your hotel experience. Something like … fashion models.

Parading through the lobby. Bikini-clad, sharing an elevator to the rooftop sunbathing deck. Having pillow fights in the room across the hall.

… If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to wander over after a night at the Ainsworth or Black Door and pull up a seat in the lobby bar, where you might find girls kicking back in Converse All-Stars, comparing tan lines and celery stick recipes.

Pish posh — models have neither tan lines nor celery stick recipes. But this is a mildly interesting addition to the half-hooker economy. Whereas in nightclubs models don’t have to pay up front to get through the door, here both parties have to pay to stay. Does that make the models (or their agents) self-employed half-pimps?

A New Hotel for Models in Chelsea [UD]

A Perfect Addition to the Half-Hooker Economy: Chelsea’s New Hotel for Models